Friday, December 30, 2005

When Good Guys Kill Bad Guys They're As Bad As The Bad Guys?

This is the simplistic morality of Spielberg and Kushner in their most recent film " Munich." It is moral relativism to the extreme. It continues to confirm a long-standing suspicion of mine that creative minds are not analytical minds and should never be trusted in serious matters such as those dealing with morality. Just look at Hollywood.

In the new Spielberg/Kushner code of morality as displayed by the moral lessons of their story of Munich is that those who kill innocents and those who kill the guilty are equally wrong. In other words, the intentional killing of any human being is wrong no matter what the circumstances. This is a purely pacifistic moral philosophy that denies the reality of evil in the world.

According to Spielberg/Kushner, we should never have retaliated for 9/11 by going after and killing those responsible. Using that same moral standard, the US should never have gone to war with Japan over Pearl Harbor or against Germany in WWII. Since it is never right to kill humans in the name of justice we should never defend ourselves when we are attacked or killed.

Fortunately, for Spielberg and Kushner, we did defend ourselves in addition to defending Europe at the cost of thousands of American lives or they would not even be alive today. In case either of them have forgotten, the Nazis were intent on killing all Jews which I assume would also apply to film directors and screenwriters. Since present-day Arabs have taken on the prestigious mantle of the Nazis as Jew-haters, they probably feel the same way.

There is a Talmudic verse that says "If a man comes to kill you, kill him first." According to Jewish law, life is always the highest moral concern. The only way to choose life when someone is intent on killing you is to kill them first. What Spielberg and Kushner also left out of the movie is that this was not just an act of vengeance but also to prevent further attacks by these same Palestinian planners in the future. From what I have read of those responsible for the decision to go after the terrorists is that the latter reason was more important than the former. The Israeli hit team served a dual purpose of carrying out justice while preventing further bloodshed of innocent Israelis in the future.

If it comes to traditional Jewish law of choosing life and self defense or the new Spielberg/Kushner moral code of surrender even if it means your life - I will always choose the traditional Jewish position. Spielberg may be a good film director but he is a terrible moral philosopher.


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