Thursday, December 29, 2005

Education - It Ain't What It Used To Be

There was a time when education in this country was truly concerned with the development of a young person's intellect to reach a higher level of understanding from multiple perspectives. It was a time when educators believed that we as humans were capable of anything we put our mind to and they motivated their students to dream big dreams. Those days, unfortunately, are gone.

Education in this country has developed an agenda which has nothing to do with the development of young minds and more to do with the indoctrination of young minds. It is more important for teachers and professors to make sure their students share their political beliefs and their contempt for capitalism than providing them with a well-rounded education that exposes them to the best thinkers in history. No matter which textbook you select in any subject, including mathematics, you will find this political indoctrination woven through the pages of the textbook. At times it may be subtle but more often it is blatantly obvious.

When did political indoctrination become more important than education?

My theory is that it came from the same baby-boomer generation that has strongly affected all levels of society in one way or another, usually negatively. Being a member of that generation, our generation was one of the most self-centered generations in American history. That same self-centeredness which was born of a very affluent post-WWII society demonstrates itself in the teaching of our current teachers, professors and academic textbook authors. Rather than strive for academic neutrality that teaches both sides of every question, they prefer to want their students to agree with their unrealistic and utopian ideals. It makes them feel better about themselves and that is the true motivation of most baby-boomers.

Most of the baby-boomer professors and teachers are being replaced by the next generation which causes some to think that the problem will go away. Not so. Study after study has shown that these aging baby-boomers have replaced themselves with only those who have been thoroughly indoctrinated in their belief system and will perpetuate their collectivist philosophy. These young teachers and professors are simply regurgitating the leftist philosophy that their aging baby-boomer professors corrupted their minds with. It appears you don't become an assistant professor unless you agree with the professor.

So what does higher education mean in this country?

It means you know how Karl Marx would think about most economic and social issues but nothing about how Milton Friedman would. It means you know more about Che Guerva as a supposed freedom fighter (actually a communist murderer) than true revolutionaries such as George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. Neither Washington or Jefferson murdered people in cold blood (as Che Guerva did) but rather this statement was made by Jefferson, "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

It is my sincere belief that Jefferson would be fighting today against the "tyranny over the mind of man" that the aging baby-boomers and their young parroting accomplices are bringing to America's educational system. Until we stop allowing our children to be indoctrinated and insist on them getting a well-rounded education this corrupting process will continue indefinitely.

We will end up with more of our young people wanting to be like Che Guerva and less like Thomas Jefferson.

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