Friday, December 16, 2005

Safety vs. Need for Privacy

If I had a choice between keeping my boring conversations on the telephone private and making sure that terrorists do not plan their operations using our communications systems it would be a no-brainer. I would choose my personal safety over my "private" conversations anytime.

If the government feels they need to listen in on my conversations on a cell phone, land line or email - feel free! I have nothing to hide and frankly, unless I am doing something illegal, why should I care? If the government feels a real need to wiretap my phones - go ahead. In fact you can use this blog as official permission from me to authorize you to do just that.

Now that I have not only the this blog readers attention but the US government as well, I can really pontificate. Maybe George W. Bush and Condi Rice will finally find out what I really think as passed on by the government agents monitoring my blog and phone lines. Actually, I think they would be pleased since I am a strong supporter of their efforts. One thing though, George, is that I think you are spending a little too much money. Try to keep it down, will you?

So why is the ACLU so upset about the Patriot Act being renewed? Who knows? It may be because they don't want their phones monitored. I wonder why...?

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