Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Broken Back Agenda

It was no surprise that "Brokeback Mountain" was nominated for eight Oscars. The Academy Awards which awards the Oscar was taken over many years ago to promote Hollywood's political agenda, not to bestow honors on the best pictures and actors. If you would have normally thought that sounded like a conspiracy theory rather than objective analysis, this nomination for Best Picture should make it perfectly clear what their agenda is.

Brokeback Mountain is a homosexual agenda film that took the macho image of the western cowboy and turned it into a homosexual fantasy piece. The film made no money when it came out despite the push to get viewers to go by film critics. Then along came the film awards where Hollywood could not wait to weigh in about how wonderful and daring they thought the film was. It started with Screen Actors Guild awards and is ending with the Academy Awards in a blatant attempt by the Hollywood elite to convince all of us, even heterosexuals, that two men in cowboy hats kissing is the most precious thing we can see. I don't think so.

Hollywood is making less money today even with increased prices at the box office. Frankly, they have lost touch with the heart of America and simply use their position, money and influence to push their own political viewpoints rather than make good movies. Out of the five movies nominated for best picture in 2005, three of them (Brokeback Mountain, Good Night and Good Luck, Munich) were clear agenda films.

What can we do? We can continue to do what we have already started doing and that is to stop supporting these agenda films with our hard-earned dollars. If you want to see a movie, pick out some of the old classics where the story lines are creative, the plots actually exist, and no one is trying to shove their political views down your throat. There was a time when Hollywood just wanted to provide good entertainment for the folks instead of indoctrinating them. Some of that period films are excellent to watch over and over again.

Since Hollywood is trying to push their Brokeback agenda on us, we should break their backs by voting with our dollars. No matter how much you hear about how "wonderful", "touching", "path-blazing", "daring" and other subjective adjectives used by the press and Hollywood over the next few weeks trying to get you to be "open-minded" and see this film, keep on riding past the theater cowboys and cowgirls.