Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

It seems hard to believe that the American political left, university radicals and some in the mainstream media have chosen to side with the Islamic fascists against the US in the war on terrorism but it is the truth. Why would an American want to betray their own country?

First, you have to understand that the American radical left is by its nature anti-American and is against, not only the war on terror, but most things that America stands for such as capitalism and individual freedoms. They are true believers in socialism and living in a village where we all think alike and everyone gets along. They never believe that anything America does is right and want to destroy the system and start all over again (such as writing their own constitution).

Second, they are ardent Bush haters and would be against anything that Bush was for simply by a reflex action. Their moral compass is - if Bush is for it, I'm against it. It makes decisions very easy (which is good for liberals since they don't like to think too much). So, if Bush wants to defeat the evil Islamic terrorists then they need to support them as freedom fighters. If Bush is the terrorists' enemy, then the terrorists are their friends (at least until the terrorists get hold of them and kill them).

The problem these people run into is that most Americans are not anti-American (they actually love their country) and most Americans share a lot of the values of President Bush (this is demonstrably true since he won the last election by over 50% of the voters). The other problem they have is that most Americans are rational. These facts consign the left and many liberals in the minority of Americans which is why they keep losing elections.

They are also taking the Democratic Party with them which is OK in my book.

Monday, April 04, 2005

AARP - Back Home Again

The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is back home with the Democrats again after a brief fling with the Republicans. Traditionally, the AARP usually always supported Democrats and tried to scare senior citizens into voting for Democrats to keep their social security checks coming. The organization is ran by liberals who usually follow the party (Democrat) line.

Then something unusual happened. The AARP supported the prescription drug plan for Medicare pushed by the Republicans and President Bush because, after numerous years of Congress talking about it, this was a bill that was actually going to help senior citizens pay for their drugs. The bill passed but many Democrats were upset with the AARP for supporting anything that made President Bush look good.

Along came the privatization of social security issue which gave the AARP a chance to prove to the Democrats they were back in the party. And what a celebration there were going to have. Even though most AARP members are not even effected by the privatization plan and a large majority of younger workers want to have the ability to invest their social security benefits, the AARP is throwing millions of member's dollars into advertisements and meetings around the country to - once again - scare senior citizens into thinking that they were going to somehow lose their benefits by the Republicans putting all of their money into the risky stock market.

Needless to say, the Democratic Party is once again pleased with the AARP and all is forgiven.

Terri Schaivo - Murdered by the State

We have now decided in America, according to Judge Greer of Florida, that if you are not with us mentally and but still alive physically then you may be put to death by your legal custodian. Michael Schaivo, as Terri Schaivo's legal custodian, requested and was granted the right to kill his severely handicapped wife against the wishes of her parents.

Terri's crime was that, although her body could live for many more years, her mind was not able to communicate cogently with us. If that is the legal reason someone can be ordered by a state judge to be starved or dehydrated to death then what will happen to the mentally ill in this country in a few years? The only difference between Terri Schaivo and the mentally ill is that she could not swallow and had to be fed by a feeding tube. Otherwise, they are the same. The mentally ill cannot cogently communicate with us either. Alzheimer patients get to the point they cannot even recognize their own spouse and family. Should we just kill them and put them out of their misery?

That seems to be Michael Schaivo's position, the ACLU and the mainstream media. If you disagree with that position then, of course, you are a religious nut or on the extreme far right. Yes, we are on the far right if we believe that starving or dehydrating to death a 41 year-old woman against her parent's wishes is the wrong thing to do.

If that makes me on the far right then I am proud to be there. What the state of Florida did, what Michael Schaivo did, what the ACLU did, and what Judge Greer did - there is no other word for but murder.