Friday, June 17, 2005

Durbin's History Lesson

Senator Durbin of Illinois, who is the second ranking Democrat in the US Senate, has spoken loud and clear for the Democratic Party by declaring the acts of the US military in Guantanamo Bay detention facility on par with Hitler's Holocaust, Pol Pot's massacre and Stalin's Gulag Archipelago. I have written before about how over-the-top the Democrats are in their hatred of George Bush and everything he does but this is particularly egregious and historical nonsense. You cannot put the US military and their actions in a more distasteful - and inaccurate - comparison.

If this is how the number two Democrat in the Senate is talking and then add on top of that the outrageous comments of Howard Dean who is the DNC Chair - where are they going with this? When you purposely on the Senate floor denigrate the efforts of US troops in the field do you really think you can turn around and tell us - "but we support the troops." Of course you do not support the troops or their mission. You are making their job more difficult and dangerous with these kind of comments. To put it simply - you are encouraging the insurgents/terrorists to kill more Americans and demoralizing the US military men and women in the field by calling them "Nazis." What is so hard to understand about that?

This is the Democratic Party's contribution to the war effort?

Yes, you can be opposed to the war and you can hate George Bush but to try to undermine the morale of US troops in the field who are risking their lives to protect us by comparing them to Hitler is unconscionable. Senator Durbin owes all US servicemen and women a sincere apology and then he needs to resign his position.

The sooner the better.