Sunday, January 09, 2005

What People's Choice?

The so-called "people's choice" awards were on tonight (something I never watch for reasons explained soon) and you have to really wonder about the voting system for these awards. Michael Moore's farce of "Fahrenheit 911" was voted most favorite movie (equivalent to best movie in Oscar terms) and Ellen Degeneres was voted funniest female star and also best day time talk show host (she actually won two of these 'awards'). Where do they get the people who vote like this?

We just had a presidential election that proved, once and for all, the majority of the people in the country (around 60 million of them) like George Bush and approve of his job as President. Yet, the People's Choice award staff expect us to believe that the "people" like Michael Moore's fraud of a documentary above all other movies in 2004? I don't think so. It is clear that the deck is stacked in favor of those celebrated liberals of the left who never get tired of patting themselves on the back about how incredibly smart and talented they are.

This is why any of these 'awards' such as the Oscar, People's Choice, Pulitzer Prize and even the Nobel Prize in some fields have become so politicized that, in general, conservatives or Republicans need not even apply. Unless you are a liberal and leftist, the chance of your success being recognized by mainstream media and other professional awards is very slim indeed. Why has Bruce Willis never won or even been nominated for an Oscar? He is politically conservative. Why don't conservative writers even get mentioned for a Pulitzer? They're conservative and therefore, by liberal definition, not intelligent enough to win a Pulitzer. For the same reason our universities are filled with liberal professors who only hire other liberal professors, other professions are moving in lock step just as the Nazi's used to. In universities, in newspaper newsrooms, in major media TV anchor slots, unless you share their political worldview you will never get the job, not to mention recognition, that you deserve no matter how talented you may be. For the Nazis, you had to belong to the Nazi party to have an opportunity. For contemporary America, you need to belong to the liberal groupthink to get professional recognition or even an entry level job.

For those who watch this junk TV, they probably don't care that the system is rigged and the award meaningless. That is, nonetheless, the reality of these kinds of shows. They will never tell us who the really talented are because they leave out any actor, writer, journalist or professor who does not dance to their political tune. Therefore the show should be called the "Liberal People's Choice After Eliminating All Conservatives Award." At least that would be honest.

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