Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Bush's Inaugural Dreams

You cannot achieve great things without taking great risks.

George W Bush has spoken of an audacious dream of liberty for all the people in the world. This is a noble long-term goal that he knows, and his advisors know, will not be achieved during his tenure as an American President.

But what a dream it is.

As all successful business people know, unless you have a vision, you will never succeed in business. This axiom applies to politics as well. Bush's vision, which will be derided by the mainstream press and laughed at by European sophisticates, is that all people of the world should be allowed to live in liberty and have a voice in the political future of their respective countries. What an incredible vision which, if ever obtained, would completely change the world.

Some say that President Wilson had a similar vision and failed, as did President Kennedy. So I guess the lesson they wish us to learn is that if at first you don't succeed - quit. What about trying again and again and again?

Give liberty a chance and we may find peace. Let the world be ruled by democracies instead of tinpot dictators and we will have a safer world. At the very least, we should not give in to liberal pessimism trumpeted by the likes of Ted Kennedy. Natan Sharansky has written a book called "The Case for Democracy" which outlines a compelling argument that validates this whole thesis.

Iraqis will vote by the millions this weekend as the second example of democracy taking hold in a Muslim country. The MSM will downplay the validity only because the Sunnis are not voting. Who cares? The Sunnis had their feet on the necks of the rest of the country for so many years, why should we care if they vote or not? They bomb and kill innocent Iraqis trying to find work and then say "it is not safe enough to vote." Now they are saying "don't blame us if you are hurt or killed when you vote" even though they are the ones planting the bombs or at least knows who is. Doesn't anyone understand how ridiculous that sounds?

Democracy can change the world into a safer and more prosperous place. In fact, if the world is ever to see true world peace, I believe it will only happen if all countries are democracies. For those who really desire peace, you should be supporting the Iraqis, the Afghans, the Iranians and any others who wish to be free. Yes, it will cost money and American lives but isn't world peace worth it?

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