Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New York Times - Uncredible

At one time the New York Times was what they claim to be on their banner, "The Paper of Record." That must have been a long time ago because for at least that last 15-20 years the NYT has simply been a leftist publication which lacks any credibility with the majority of Americans. Very few Americans take the NYT seriously any more and they have good reason not to.

To prove that thesis, if the majority of Americans believed in what the New York Times wrote they would never have elected George W. Bush for a second term. The NYT was leading the charge for the Democratic Party to do as much as they could to discredit Bush and influence the electoral process. If you agreed with the NYT you had to vote for Kerry. It didn't happen. In fact, Bush won by a much larger margin than the last election (thankfully) and gained the most votes of any US President in history.

Has the NYT learned from their mistakes? Of course not. Until you replace the Paul Krugmans, Maureen Dowds, and other leftists from the ranks of writers for the NYT and replace them with journalists on both sides of the political spectrum you will continue to have the politically correct garbage and inaccurate reporting you have now. That is not going to happen anytime soon or possibly ever. They have made their bed and they are comfortable in it.

Yes, the paper of record is now the paper of distortion. Read it at your own risk.

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