Monday, December 20, 2004

The New/Old Target - Rumsfeld

It is typical for the mainstream media to have a political target that they choose and then gang up on. The current target is Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (not a new one) and his supposed crime of being blunt with a soldier about armored Humvees. Rumsfeld was right that you cannot protect everyone simply by upgrading armor. We recently read of a young soldier from Oregon that was killed while in a M-1 tank. The M-1 is the most powerful tank in the world with the best in armor plating but was still damaged by a IED in Iraq which cost the life of this brave young man.

As usual, all the facts you can throw at the mainstream media will not deter their course. Once they had decided on a target, like junkyard dogs, they go after the throat. The only remedy is for the public to be educated by non-traditional media sources that do not have a political agenda or at least tell the other side of the story. Thank God for the internet and our ability to communicate with each other exclusive of the what the mainstream press desires to serve up for us.

Rumsfeld is also being criticized for not personally signing letters to the families of those military citizens who have been killed in Iraq. Although this seems to be a petty criticism and hardly worth mentioning among all the important duties of a Secretary of Defense during a period of war, if President Bush has the time to do so, then Rumsfeld should as well. It would be interesting to research if any other Secretary of Defense has machine-signed these letters during other conflicts such as Vietnam, Korea and WWII. Frankly, I think you would find that the SOD during those wars did not personally sign each letter so why does this criticism have so much coverage by the media? Could it be sharks circling in the water?

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