Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Republicans Want Soldiers - Dems Want Felons

It was a fascinating contrast between the Republican party and the Democratic party on a new 'get out the vote' drive by the Democrats for this upcoming election. Who do the Democrats feel will vote for them to return to power in office? Felons! That's right, the Dems feel that convicted felons are the kind of people that agree with their policies (and ethics).

On the other hand, Republicans have always encouraged those in our brave military to vote since they tend to agree with Republican values and vote the same way.

So, here we have two kinds of classifications of people, one convicted felons and the other young people who are willing to sacrifice their life for the freedoms we all cherish. One group that breaks our laws, murders our citizens, and have no moral standards at all vs. the other group who are risking their lives every day so that we can go about our daily routine. One group that will rob you of everything you own because they believe their entitled to the rewards of your labor and the other believing that the discipline and honor they earn in the military will help them obtain their own success when they get out. One group who will use their guns to commit crimes and the other will use their guns to keep us free.

It is very revealing which group appeals to which party. I know which group of people I would prefer to belong to my party and agree with my principles (hint: it is not the criminals).


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